FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

Hi There! My name is Suzanne and I am from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In case you’re not from the USA that is about as far south as you can get without falling into the Gulf of Mexico.
My blog is mostly animals and landscapes. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the tour!

1. Will you follow me? I will check out your blog if you ask me, but that does not mean I will follow you. I only follow nature/animal blogs who credit the photographer’s, and I have to really love your blog to follow you. 

2. Do not ask me to click on your ads. Sorry, but I won’t so please just don’t.

3. Will you promote my blog? No. If I want to do a promo it will be for somebody I pick. 

4. How old are you and/or will you post a picture? Never ask a lady her age, and no.

5. Do you have any other blogs. Yes, I have three.  Magical Nature’s Stuff (not sure how to describe that one yet),   I have a music blog, which is all oldies and blues. It is called Magical Music and More. I have another blog for kitty cats.  It is called Magical Meow.  More to come in the future when things slow down. 

6. Can I submit something? Yes, please do.  Just be sure to credit even if it’s a picture you have taken yourself. 

7. Where do you get your pictures? Everywhere. There should be a link and credit under each picture.

8. Do you take these pictures you’re posting? Sometimes. Photography is my main hobby, but I am not a professional..

9. Why didn’t you post my ask?  Why didn’t you reblog my picture?  I get a lot of these requests, and sometimes I just don’t think it’s my style.  Maybe I just didn’t like it enough.  I’m sorry.

10.. Thank you for following me. I love you ♥

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